Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Second Coming

1. I formally reported back for duty today in Ipharm after a long hiatus (I love to call it sabbatical).

2. I was informed that Yana (my partner) refused to come back. She understandably threw in the towel and decided to walk away.

3. Yana was my closest friend during our first stint in Ipharm last year. I heard reliable stories about how she missed me and used to talk about me during my absence (she is married by the way...what we have is real friendship).

4. Whatever I do, she's not going to come back. What I have of her now are the remnants of our memories together.

5. I was escorted by Myra to meet Dr Adel. She greeted me with her usual smile, and she read to me an important message from my supervisor, Prof Madya Dr Zafarina.

6. The message was simple; try my level best and complete all the work as soon as possible. I'm still unsure whether I could do it or not...what I'm very sure is I will give my best.

7. From this day onward, time is going to be very scarce for me.