Monday, November 21, 2016

My Workplace

I arrived at my workplace as usual today.

Since late 2014, when I started working, I was never ever been given a proper working desk to work with. My request for a desktop PC was frequently shot down. I was never even given a working phone line to begin with.

The usual reason?

The PC was still under repair. The phone line needed a working phone...which was not there.

So I used my own mini laptop to finish all my work.

 My old desk, before I moved to new department two weeks ago

I usually have a cup of coffee upon setting up my desk.

Anyone who knows me well is well aware that I'm a coffee junkie. I'll become extremely moody and erratic when I'm not having my usual sip of coffee (as exemplified today). 

But once I had my daily coffee on schedule, all is well. 

I don't know what's the point of writing all these down, but I just feel the need to write something down, even though it's pointless and useless.

Maybe this is how I vent my frustration/boredom/tiredness to the outside world.

Things are slowly getting better but something is lost inside me.

Maybe it's there, but I'm looking in the wrong place.

So I'll keep looking.