Friday, December 2, 2016

Dietary Advice - Time is of an Essence

Just finished my dinner. I am currently re-orienting my dinner time, as it is not very healthy to have dinner too late into the night.

As I'm about to venture into another squash odyssey (I will make a swift return to squash arena beginning early next year), my first step towards improving my below-terrible fitness is to have my body back in good shape.

While I'm still considered by many to be thin, only I know how my body has deteriorated over the year (I hibernated for almost a year during my sabbatical leave).

So, what is the best time to have lunch and dinner? 

An ideal lunch and dinner time should be six hours apart; meaning if you had your lunch at 12 noon, you should have your dinner by six p.m. But this simplistic approach is laden with complexity as not everyone could keep consistently to this schedule.

But try to stick to this schedule; if you have a weight issue, this will help a lot.

Between your lunch and dinner, you could always have a chew or two on your favourite snacks...but try your best to limit this. There's give and take on give away your snacks to take home your ideal body weight.

Just remember, time is of an essence to retain or reach your ideal body weight. Maintain a regular timing for your lunch and dinner, your body will automatically do the rest.

I'm having a light squash training right after this just across the road in USM (8.00 - 10.00 p.m). 

So, till then.