Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Saya Tak Pernah Naik Keta Dengan Famili Dari Kecik Sampai Skang"

"Saya tak pernah naik keta dengan famili dari kecik sampai skang"

"Sebab apa?"

"Sebab family takda keta. Kalau nak keluar pergi mana2 semua naik motor"

That was a rather blunt respond from Ogy when asked about his family's background in the freshly released Era fm official youtube video (June 16 2015).

That was to be expected from him. Ogy is very candid when it comes to speaking out his mind. In the past, I used to be very nervous whenever Ogy was around people, especially our relatives, because he would just blurt everything out. If you are shit, he would say exactly just that right in your face.

He seems to have toned down a bit these days, thanks largely to his overbearing maturity. In fact, he is now very composed and cultured that I barely recognized him. That young, outspoken Ogy that grew up with me is fast turning into a matured man, far outpacing even his oldest brother.

Hyper Act, you have chosen the right man. And I said this not because Ogy is related to me. I said this because I am a big fan of yours. Pin your hopes on him, he would not disappoint you.