Monday, June 22, 2015

Messy Monday

I skipped work today. I barely had any mood to get up to work. Sometimes I wished I never had to wake up ever again. But that would mean a certain death. No way I could afford that. Not at this point of time.

I messaged Eizan, the personal assistant of Dr Zaf, telling her that I was on medical leave (MC). But the fact remains that I was not sick. I was just in no mood to go to work.

I switched on the TV...searching for any good channels to watch. Ended up watching Awani News. There was no interesting news. Getting really bored in the process.

Picked up "The 33 Strategies of War" and started reading on the sofa in front of the TV. This masterpiece by Robert Greene discusses various war strategies that could be applied in our daily life.

I read "48 Laws of Power" by the same author back in 2008. A best-seller, I still remember reading it religiously page by page back then right after my lunch. It took roughly two hours everyday for me to finish 30 pages of the book (I remember all this because I took note of how many pages of reading I did per day).

Hours went by and I was getting restless. Put the book down, was on page 87. I badly needed to get out and did something. Cinema would be a very good place. At least I could distract myself from my ongoing mess.

Went to BJ. Chose Insidious 3 as my refuge movie. Not a bad choice. This horror movie surprisingly has a story line. Usually there is no story line in horror movie. The ghost or spirit appears out of nowhere to scare the actor/actress, he/she screams and we all scream with them, and that's all.

Insidious 3 is an exception. I enjoyed its plot and connection with the story line. It does have a good horror moment as well.

Headed back towards USM. Syafiq asked me to break fast together at Taman Tun Saadon's mosque. But for unknown reason, he reneged on his request later. Instead, he asked me to break fast in lab.

I had no qualm either...I have no more friends now. I am losing friends on a lightning bolt basis. Amzar is going to receive his confirmation letter later this week. He is bound to serve in the police department as cadet/trainee inspector. I still have no idea how to cope without him.

I could only hope for the best. Time to go for iftar.