Friday, January 23, 2015


ROCHA, Pesta Penang 2014 Battle of The Band Winner

Formed in 1995, Jitra-based Rocha rose from humble beginning to become what they are today mainly due to their hard work and dedication.

A short form of "Roti Chanai" (because their guitarist works at a roti canai stall), they topped the preliminary round of Pesta Penang 2014 Battle of The Band before striking the grand winner's finale top spot. 

Rocha bagged home RM5000 in cash prizes and a recording offer. They also swept the best guitarist award, the best keyboardist award as well as the best vocalist award in an all conquering win.

They, however, refused the contract offer as their frontman (lead singer) is already under a contract from a KL-based recording label. 

He is their third vocalist, and, according to one of the band members, is their best to date.

Rocha's frontman is my second brother. Haven't met him for three full years as I was away in Sarawak, completing my studies. How time flies. Now a fully grown up man, he is much matured and confidence than me in every ways.

I wish him a very best of luck in the future. Whatever path he may have chosen to lead his life, I will always stand by his side. That's what a brother is for, I guess.