Tuesday, January 6, 2015


"You should improve your pipetting skills", said kak Adel (or Dr Adelina to be exact), after the result of my BCA assay came out just now.

Something was not quite right with the reading. Even with untrained eyes, the amount of loaded protein was inconsistent. I must admit the pipette was fooling around with me then. It spilled out a small amount of liquid when I tried to insert in carefully into well plates. In molecular biology, 1 ml error is big enough to render the whole experiment useless.

BCA is actually done to measure protein expression from cell . For this past month, I've been treating 3T3-L1 (fibroblast cell from mouse) with selected plant's extract in search of cure for obesity. But the much wanted compound still eludes me. Plus all the reading that I should indulge...it's rapidly taking a toll on me.

For me, the shortest route to combat obesity is very simple. And easy. No need to extract compounds from this or that plant. You eat less, you exercise more. Simple as that. But people are generally lazy. They don't want to exercise. They want to lose fat but with no exercise. They want to eat more food that could reduce their weight. Such an irony...eating more to weight less.

As for the pipetting skills, I'll strive to improve on that.

Time to go home.