Saturday, January 3, 2015

Have Hope

So, what is my resolution for this new 2015 year?
It's quite simple.

I want to have hope.

That's all I want.

Throughout my life, I've experienced lots of things.
Lots of terrible, useless, passionate, crazy things.
All these have turned me towards a better and a worse man.

There will always be a bad apple in a bunch of good apples.
There will always be a good apple in a bunch of bad apples.

After all, we decide which apple to see,
and which apple to choose.

All this intriguing while,
I realized that most of us don't need a new car,
a new watch,
a new house,
or even a new life.

We all just need a new hope.
Hope is what drives us.
Hope is what makes us tick.

It provides us with direction,
and reason to stay living.

If we asked God to grant us strength in times of adversity,
do God instill us with strength inside our soul,
or do God provide us the opportunity to be strong?

The adversity itself is the platform for us to display our strength.
Our prayer has long been answered.

So don't despair if God still haven't heeded our prayer.
In all likelihood, our prayer has been answered.
In a way that is totally unimaginable to us before.

Never give up on our hope.

Trust me,
I am what I am today because of hope.