Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Tough Week...

I've been struck with a powerful virus right after the much anticipated Futsal night. It was not a normal forced me to stick to bed for two consecutive days. It was a long time ago that flu prompted me to have an extra rest for a lenghty period.

I slept almost 12 hours a day for over a week, drank plenty of milk, stop surfing the internet, read dozen of magazines (mostly Shin Chan and Mingguan Wanita, donated by my sister...) and reluctantly had lunch in KFC to compensate for my loss of appetite.

I should recover fully by time for a crucial badminton showdown on Monday. So far I've assembled 6 strong individuals...and the figure could rise by tomorrow. Next week's going to be a hectic we'll just enjoy for the moment... :)

" Football isn't part of my life. Football IS my life"

Liverpool should be able to grab the double (maybe treble?) next season. Defeat to Chelsea last 4 days was just a minor hiccup...they'll come back stronger next season. You'll Never Walk Alone, Liverpool. We'll fly together!