Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sukad 2016

1. It was to be our last ever training session before the real tournament kicks off. It sure left a very big memory to the furthers corner of my mind.

2. I arrived quite late, after the session was already under way. I just came back from Sedim, where for the second time in a week, I immersed myself in the coldness of the renowned Sedim river. It was a very refreshing outing out in the wild.

3. Suhana greeted me with her usual playful manner - "Just coming eh?". "Nope...been a while already", was my short reply. It was a full house affair...all three courts were fully booked. The more the merrier.

4. There were plenty of girls, a rare sighting given the usual all men affair that was the norm every other day. I realized one of the girls was the same girl that went to Kelantan last year. Not sure what was her business there this time around, but I had no desire to ask.

5. All six of us were present. And they were training hard to build their momentum for the upcoming event. I placed no hope for us to advance even from our group stage this year, given that Faiz and Alamin are part of the defending champion's (Restu) team.

6. Faiz and Alamin are giants of squash in USM. Watching them play is already a feast to the eyes...what's more to challenge them in court? Not even in my wildest dream that I dare to imagine defeating them in their favourite playground.

7. I noticed Sarah was among the girls playing in the other courts. She came to me afterwards, smiling and greeting me in her usual jovial manner. She was part of Fajar Harapan's squash team.

8. When it was about time to dismiss, Suhana asked for team's photo. I refused, claiming that she needed to be there in Kelantan, then we all can have a picture together.

9. Honestly, that claim was just an excuse that I made up. My time was over a long time ago...I didn't want to spoil their moment of joy. Although superficially okay, but deep inside, I was deeply broken. A broken man like me in their young and peaceful photograph would only ruin everything.

10. Syaher unexpectedly joined me to refrain from taking the photo together. He might have his reason...although he didn't mention why. Maybe he was not keen on taking picture.

11. So there it was. A memorable picture full of youth and vigour. It captures the spirit of the moment. Every time I see this pic, I remember my youthful past...full of excitement and passion. I have lost all of this now.

12. This may well be my last ever Sukad. I hope I will enjoy every minutes of it.