Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Epilogue - Conversation with Paksu Sidik

It was a fine morning. Not too hot, not too cold either.

The atmosphere inside the living room was a bit lethargic, as morning sun still shied away from illuminating its ray inside the house.

For the past three days, I was travelling a lot. Kelantan sure is a big state to explore. Never thought it would come out like this.

But every beginning must have an ending. Today, I guessed the latter was about to draw down its curtain.      

I sat on the wooden chair, quite similar to that of my house, overlooking the entire living room.

It was a truly spacious living room, with a main pillar anchoring the roof.

We called that pillar "Tiang Seri" in Malay.

Elders often said Tiang Seri in every house is haunted. That was why in my childhood years, I rarely leaned my back against the pillar of my old house, solely for the purpose of avoiding any untoward incidents.

But now as a grown up man, I slowly ditched this old beliefs...although I still very much respected the elders.

The house was constructed mainly from wooden materials. It closely resembled my old house, which was demolished years ago.

There is surprisingly no tap water, they get water supply from underground sources. It was pumped through a generator to provide for their daily water needs.

Early on, I took bath from that underground-pumped water, it was vastly refreshing. After a simple dress up, I walked out from my designated room to have the breakfast.

There was a freshly-brewed tea on the table. I took a short sip on one of the cups, just to satisfy my taste bud. As expected, it tasted really nice.

Roti canai was next. I rarely took breakfast, but I can't wait until noon either. We were slated for a very long and tiring journey afterwards.

Minutes later, Paksu Sidik came out of nowhere and sat right beside me.

Just moments before, he woke me up for my Subuh's prayer.

Then the conversation started, which had a reverberating effect on my future. 

I wrote this somewhere between the middle of last year, but never to finish it properly. 
Somehow along the way, I ran out of mood to put this essay into completion. 
So I will leave it as it is.