Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Till We Meet Again!

I made Pancasara public a day after my outburst with somebody.

It was a moment to forget. It brought my soul to its lowest abyss. I never felt that low in my entire life.

I came across her yesterday in the office. It was an awkward head-to-head encounter. She looked agitated, so was me.

I wondered what was on her mind...I think she was wondering the same thing about me.

I really hold no grudges against her.

She was the one who encouraged me to broaden my friends' circle, to which I did.

I am on my own before this, without any friends.

So much has changed since then. It was all thanks to her advice.

Sometimes, you lose a friend but get a thousand new friends afterwards.

But even that one thousand new friends can't even come near to replacing the one friend that you had lost.


The last time Pancasara resurfaced was a very long time ago. Even then, it was only for a short period.

This is the longest period that Pancasara has ever been available for public view.

So I think it's about time that Pancasara returns to its former reclusive state.

I'll just let it float for another day or two. It will be a very long time before it will resurface again.

Till then...

Nil desperandum. Dum vita est spes est. 

(Never despair. While there's life, there's hope.)