Thursday, January 31, 2008

The 13 Million Plus Ringgit Guy

I have a big admiration for this one big guy. He called himself "BIGGUYDOTCOM" over the net, regularly delivering his thoughts on MYKMU forum. He really is a supersize man...I saw his picture, and wonder does our body frame really affect our intellectual? If yes, I want to put on my that I could be as good as him.

His fresh idea's and strong views always mesmerise me, and his full backing to our former prime minister clearly single out his presence from the rest. His sharp and rather organised line of thinking raised many eyebrows...and he was then the much-respected MYKMU forum advisor.

But he subsequently resigned, which frustrated many quarters, including me. He set up his new blog, which is affectionately called "the 13 million plus ringgit guy" rambles. I have no idea why did he choose that to be his blog's title, nor do I know why he suddenly resigned from KMU. All I know is I have deep respect and admiration for him.

So, why "the 13 million plus ringgit guy"? Is he really worth that much? If he really is worth RM 13 million, how did he come out with that figure? From his overall bank balance? From a lucrative contract he managed to strike a deal? Or from his collective asset?

I honestly don't know.

It makes me wonder, what would be my respond if people ask me how much do I worth?

Frankly, I have three different bank accounts, namely BSN, Bank Rakyat, and CIMB Bank. That's a bit too many for a mere student like me. Its collective balance is above 4 digits...enough to keep red-hot mercenary girls close to me.

Its amount is...RM30.000 to be exact.

Take into account the minimum amount (RM10) to be kept for each account (or they will block the withdrawal), I have....well...a net worth of RM 0.0000 (still above 4 digits though)

I have four T-shirts...which I wear every day. That includes two black round neck T-shirts, a grey and a rather light green which some fella from Australia generously gave to me a year ago. I hate wearing collar T-shirts...and I never wear casual attire unless I'm required to.

I have three trousers...two of Puma's brand which I bought for a hefty discount in Pesta Penang. The other one, my sister bought for me in Komtar. I have one sports shoe given by my dad, which is Thailand made, bought for a crazy price of RM10. I own a handset...Nokia 2100...which no one dares to use right now...because it looks stupid and greatly outdated.

I take meal two times a in the afternoon with Hafiz, and another after 9 p.m. For lunch, I take "sambal telur" with variable drinks according to my mood the given day...for a collective price of RM2.30. I even spend less at night, with only rice and vegetable on the menu, and restricting my drink to just "air suam".

My friend from the good old days at school, Sani, once remarked "it never ever cross my mind to have that kind of meal down here at sure are weird, E-wok!" when I picked a piece of hot dog and "tokua" as my dinner treat.

I live on a very strict food intake...I haven't taken KFC or McDonald for quite a long period. I watched people went to Berkat, ordering all kind of nasi gorengs, with notable drinks. They came out from Kaleel Nasi Kandar bringing a plate full of chopped fried chicken...sometimes I can even hear them murmuring the chicken was not big enough, or not spicy enough. They have no idea there's somebody out there in the street only have chicken once in a fortnight...including me.

I love sirap bandung...because I can't bear caffeine and Milo to dry my body out. And of course...they can also dry out my already slim pocket...with either one can cost me up to RM2...enough for me to take another meal.

My ex-gf once bought a meal which cost us RM8 per person. I scolded her...asking why she didn't argue with the cashier for that ridiculous price. She hit back, claiming it's improper to argue the price of "rezeki"...and that we should be grateful we still have something to eat. I understand her position, but the truth is, I only have RM10 inside my pocket! If only I got RM1000 inside my pocket, I wouldn't really care if she wants to buy the whole menu on the table.

I have a friend back in my village. I called him Bun. I first met him in a mosque...during Subuh's prayer. That was when I still in form three...semester break...nervously preparing for my PMR examination. I met him again a year after, he drove a lorry to accompany his family to Kuala Nerang.

I went to Kuala Nerang with my father...acting as a witness on behalf of my father. They were settling a land deal in PTG (Pejabat Tanah dan Galian) Kuala Nerang. We stayed there the whole day...and that was when I got to know Bun closer. He's a soft-speaking guy, very humble and down to earth type. The thing about him is, he never complains. He took everything that happens as it is. And he's a religious boy too...much to my respect. I once saw him putting up his boot, ready for a busy day out in the jungle.

If you come from an ultra-rich family, with monthly pocket-money in excess of RM400, it's almost impossible for you to understand what a person like Bun and I have been going all these years. We struggle to make ends in a shoestring budget with tight spending, and deprive of everything. I once heard a girl said she hate poor family because "every day in their mind there's nothing except money, money and money..." If only she know our real condition, what we've been through all this while...she wouldn't say something insensitive like that...

But living in a poverty-stricken environment sure had taught me a lot. I become shrewder in my spending...because I know every cent counts. All the hardships I had encountered throughout my life would only make me stronger, I do hope hardcore poverty would be eradicated once and for all from our beloved country in the coming years, so the next generation won't have to endure impoverishment that we had experienced.

So, if BIGGUY is the thirteen million plus ringgit guy, what about me? I leave it to my dear family, friends, and those who know me to rate how much do I worth...