Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reviving Pancasara

After many months of leaving Pancasara alone, today I opened it to give it a new injection of life.

I edited and revived its outlook and content, while maintaining its core content. I left my past writings undisturbed...while focussing on its future content.

I already drafted and had in mind what I will write in the future. A new and revived Pancasara. Because I realized my mind started to deteriorate rapidly without Pancasara.

Writing gives me a sense of purpose, and helps tremendously to sharpen my mind. And Pancasara did just that. It provides me with a perfect platform for my mind to soar to a new height.

Welcome back, Pancasara. I look forward to working alongside you for many more years to come. I won't neglect you anymore. Together we'll brave and conquer this world.