Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I know it's kind of late, but we are now in a brand new year. 2010. A year of hope, dream and ambition.

Thanks to Sabri, now I have a fully connected computer in my house. My last published article written in the comfort of my room was around May or June last year. Since then, the postings were either done in the cyber cafe or by using my friend's laptop.

This is the year of great hope. I hope to achieve something this year. To get my life back on track. That's the priority.

Less personal life, more on ideas and thinking. I hope 2010 will make a big difference. To me and to the others.

"Takut Gagal Adalah Gagal Sejati" (Fear Of Failure Is The Real Failure) - HAMKA

I'll bounce back. 2010, just you wait...