Monday, October 5, 2009

I knew you played Futsal...

Just outside the management office, I meet Wani. We didn’t have any conversation for about a month. She is just coming back from her long Raya holiday.

The last time we spoke, she commented about me gaining some weight. Just a few days later, she was bewildered by my sudden change of appearance.

“How come now abang look so skinny thin…?"

Weight is not an issue for me actually…man just doesn’t care much about that. Depending on my activity, I might gain some incredible extra pounds when there are no badminton/squash games…and I could shed so much weight when it is otherwise.

And I do have a strict control over my food intake…for economic and health reasons.

“My legs are aching…we played Futsal last night…Saiful was also there…”

“I know…he told me. He said he was surprised to see you turning up”

He told Wani? No wonder. They are in a romantic relationship now. Saiful knew my name through her…that explains why he could spontaneously call my name when he lofted a beautifully-crafted cross for me to convert it into a goal.

All that I managed to do was to get a comical slice touch of the ball, before it rolled out for a throw in. I am absolutely a legend for squandering that kind of chances.

We talk about Futsal…before the topic sways towards Kyra.

“Abang still message Kyra?"

“No…not for a long period. Why?”

“Me too…she rarely messages me now. I wonder how she is doing right now…”

“She’ll be ok…”

Her : ..............

Me : ...............

“Are you two, in any way possible, a declared partner?”

“No…we never declared…”

“Oh…I see…”

Me : ..............

Her : .............

As I’m about to leave the scene (there is nothing much to talk about anyway…) Wani asks me to stay for a while.

She looks hesitated. Something is holding her from revealing something to me. I don’t know what it is…but I think it is about me.

I look at Wani. No doubt she’s a beautiful young girl. She has flawless skin…not even a blemish spotted on her face…it is a near perfection. Mak cik Ani describes her as a “stunning young beauty”. She even tries to match her with one of her friend…much to my amusement. But I never told this to her.

But personally, I think Kyra is prettier. And cuter. But Najwa was the cutest.

They are bosom friends. Kyra told everything to Wani. And I told everything to Pancasara. Wani may give some insights to Kyra…but Pancasara never give any advice to me. He just stood there…as a good listener.

“Ever watched Saiful play Futsal?”

“Never…but he plays football regularly…since his younger days. How was he?”

“Quite awesome…you should see him in action. Good dribbling, brilliant ball control…I think he tops the scoring chart last night…”

“Is it? He once injured his knee…had just recovered from it…”

Wani looks excited to hear more about Saiful. She seems to forget what she's going to tell me earlier. We end up chatting for another few minutes...before Wani realizes it is about time for her to go.

That brief conversation leaves me with more questions than answers...