Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back From Oblivion...

I decided to come back from my semi-retirement oblivion... :)

It's been a long and refreshing rest. Sorted few things out...but some pressing issues ( lingering and nagging issues...of course) were left unattended. Maybe I'll chew it all over in the next couple of weeks.

I revised my whole life so far...revisited some nostalgic places that were close to my heart...and read droves of inspiring books. Re-read the whole postings of my blog (including drafts...and corrected some of the obvious grammar mistakes. Need to continuously brush up my deteriorating grammar)

All this while, I realised I was not being honest enough about things. Need to change on that. And I delved into one good blog...written by someone who's been blogging since she was like, sixteen. (When I was sixteen, Internet was my farthest dream. How time had evolved since then...)

And I also decided to pull Pancasara from public view momentarily. He too, I think, needs a bit of a rest :)

It's a new beginning...I'll savour this moment for a while... :)