Monday, July 27, 2009

If you were good in the past...

...can you be better in the future? were just...past it?

It was Michael Owen who instilled my passion towards football almost 8 years ago. I became an ardent Liverpool supporter largely because of him.

I still followed his progress during his dismal stay in Madrid, and his injury-hit seasons with Newcastle.

But when he opted to join Man United, it was quite hard for me. Your once favourite player plying his trade in your most despised team? That's too much...

As they say, Form is temporary, Class is permanent. Owen is a class player, no doubt. If he was good in the past, he can be better in the future. He's not past it. Just hoping he'll lost his scoring touch temporarily when Man U meet Liverpool. I'll give my utmost support to him, but not to his new team.

And really glad Mexico gave poor U.S.A a 5-0 drubbing last night. Served them right. How dare they defeated my Spain team 2-0 in the Confederation Cup last two months?