Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another passing day...

1. Arrived very early for work today. Felt rather disappointed to find out no nasi lemak on offer. Took roti bakar instead.

2. Another boring day at work. No workload that requires urgent attention for now. Read The Sun to pass the time.

3. A piece of advertisement at the back page of The Sun caught my eyes. It splashed the Sports Toto draw results. I asked AD what "4+1", "6/52" and all sorts were really about. These things have puzzled me for ages.

4. AD pleasantly took some of his busy time off to provide me with some simple explanations. According to him, "4+1" means 4 digits followed by another number. "6/52" on the other hand means we need to pick up 6 digits out of 52. If Lady Luck was to be on our side, the right combinations could land us the jackpot, which offers the total sum payment of up to RM 5 million.

5. By this time, Su Si and Lai Kuan had already joined us. With a witty smile carved on her face, Su Si took out a piece of paper and began writing a sequence of numbers, starting from 1 to 52. She then cut each of them into tiny pieces and folded it before putting them into a small box.

6. In a rather relaxed manner, Su Si continued her eccentric act. She shook the box gracefully, and randomly picked up the number that came up on top. This was repeated by Lai Kuan and AD. I was amused by all this...they can't be serious. But I was wrong. They were indeed...serious.

7. Finally, they got three different combinations. I was tasked to give the numbers a "blessing" with my "ong" (due to my "baldness" condition, I was considered a lucky charm. Some even called me "monk"...particularly Sabri. But I took all this lightly. I found out Ah Keong had followed my action of going bald)

8. Lai Kuan placed another bet on 4D. In this stringent economic climate, any breath of hope for extra money can drive someone's imagination wild. No way they could land the prize money...they have a greater possibility of being struck by a lightning than hitting the jackpot.

9. Shah asked me for badminton together. I off day tomorrow was retracted earlier in the afternoon. So I can't join them tomorrow.

10. There were five of us. We played in Dewan Jubli...located just across the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. Shah developed a bruised ankle...this greatly restricted his movements and reduced his agility. But overall it was a fun game.

11. Received a rare phone call from was Amir. He just arrived in town. He was posted deep into secluded jungle of Borneo...only accessible by air or by a tiring 8 hours 4-wheels drive. Life was extremely hard for a battling teacher like him.

12. I missed Kyra. I hope she breezed well through her new environment. As for Najwa, I hope she copes well with her new challenge as a teacher.

13. As for my life, it's on a rough patch...and a bit tricky. But it's okay, I'm used to it...