Thursday, March 5, 2009

My life so far...

1. Hafiz moved out three days ago...but left his garments. Maybe he still wants to stay here.

2. Tide of recession is coming onshore. My monthly salary is cut by half...I was even forced to take an extra day off. Already struggling to make ends meet, this surely struck me as a big blow. Can I survived?

3. Hafiz, on the recommendation of Abang Salim, took the job at JM. I was not very keen on him picking up that job. As I mentioned in my earlier entry, my workplace is "politically infected". You have to be shrewd enough to survive. But I'll assist him as far as I can.

4. My cough gradually subsided. I don't know what kind of virus that had bugged me all month long, but it did put me into an uncomfortable condition.

5. I surfed Firdaus the 'Papa's blog. Came to know about this talented Yuna. I heard she hailed from Kangar. Terrific of a kind. Hope to meet her in person someday.

6. Shuhada was sacked. It was terrible...and the way Yana mentioned about her sacking was terrible as well. They weren't visibly at loggerheads with each other...but I think there was some 'envious' feeling entrenched in Yana.

7. Shuhada was getting close with Adli. Yana seemed to have a feeling for Adli, before Shuhada made her unprecedented move. Wahida asked me about Shuhada and Adli's relation, but I asked her to refer to them instead for a clearer answer. They politely dismissed the speculation as rubbish.

8. Shuhada did came once in a while, but I haven't seen her for over a week. Really hope to see her again.