Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Last Lecture

A month has passed since my last progress report presentation.

I woke up early today, in order to finish up my presentation's slide. I laid out the draft of my slide early yesterday's night, before leaving it unfinished to attend my weekly badminton's session.

There was nothing to present actually, as I had just completed my study. I summarised what I'd done for the last two weeks in a very basic slide.  

The prime focus this time was on what our ED (Executive Director) had to say. If everything went as planned, this was to be his final session as the top person in the institute.

I wished I could write down (here) everything that was delivered by our ED in his (apparent) final speech, but we were forewarned in an e-mail earlier this week to be careful of what we wrote in cyberspace.

"Once on the internet, it will stay in it forever" was the gist of the e-mail's message.

Although it was not directed specifically towards me, I felt the need to abide by the advice, more so as Ipharm was planning to make full use of social media in the very near future to solidify its position.

There was no question from the audience when I wrapped up my presentation, but ED and my current Division Director stopped me halfway as I was leaving the presentation's area.

ED asked me some familiar questions (to which I'd already answered, as recently as yesterday). I was fully aware that he was still not fully satisfied with my earlier explanation (not his fault as I withheld certain information from him).

The next ten days would be very crucial as we wait for the final confirmation from the ministry. The minister in charge holds all the card.