Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alone in the Dark

After watching Chelsea unceremoniously thumped Manchester City 5-1 last night, I went back to my usual sanctuary, the biology school of USM.

That place has been my sleeping port since the last three weeks.

As I wrapped myself inside the sleeping bag, my thought wandered around. I was thinking about scores of things aimlessly...without any sense of direction.

I have many problems yet to be resolved...but I never intended all of them to be settled all at once.

Every problem needs to be attended individually, without any hustle or bustle that could make it even worse. If we rush to solve any problem, chances are that it will create another unwanted problem.

I call this phenomena "the spiralling effect of hurriedly-resolved-problem that will create another whatever the shit".

Then some words struck right inside my mind. Loneliness. This word attacked my semi-conscious mind (I was half asleep by then), with another accompanying word, heart.

Loneliness hides in the deepest corner of your heart.

I didn't create or even think about this quote. It came naturally and unconsciously inside my semi-sleeping mind.

Maybe I was hiding something deep inside my heart. And now it wants out.