Thursday, August 27, 2015

Being 30

My age went passed the 30-year-old mark last week.

I may not become what other people wished me to be, but I didn't become what I may not want to be either.

Sadness has descended upon me this past few weeks, but I'm still going forward.

In pain, definitely.

I am restructuring my life and re-configuring my life goals so far.

Eight years ago when I started Pancasara, I made a promise to myself not to publish my own picture on this blog.

And I kept that promise to this day.

I made another promise to myself not to upload my own picture on my inactive facebook.

I uploaded a blurry image of us (me and my closest USM friends) celebrating raya to commemorate Amzar right after his departure. That would be my last picture uploaded by me on the cyberspace.

I deleted all my self-posted pictures, leaving those pictures of me tagged by my friend to respect them, and as a memory.

But after this, I won't allow any more tagged pictures of me.

Our deeds are what matter, not our pictures.

P/S : I uploaded a picture of me together with Siddiq & Zahida to my facebook page somewhere in December 2015 to remember their short visit to USM. THAT would be my last picture.