Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's ok NOT to be happy...

"If someone you know in depression suddenly becomes happy, do not be fooled to believe that he has recovered. 
Happiness is a big sign very likely that he has made the decision to commit suicide."

Found this quote hovering over the internet about a week ago.

There is a shred of truth about this quote.

Sometimes, a very depressed person who is known to be really quiet could suddenly become very happy.

Or he could abruptly be funny...or at least tried to be so. He could end up throwing up jokes here and there.

That is a cause for concern.

I already had stayed away from all kind of social media. My last one is WhatsApp. And my last status read like this :

"Time flies like an arrow...there may be no tomorrow..."  

If, somewhere or somehow, that status turns to read like this :

"Time flies like an arrow...fruit flies like a banana..."

Then, something is going terribly wrong. Wake me up if that ever happens.

Never mind. I already quit WhatsApp anyway.